Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Poor Boomer

About three weeks ago I came home from running errands, and Boomer was favoring his right back leg. Sometimes he would put no weight on it at all, but other times he walked with a slight limp. I called the vet, and they said to watch him for a day or so and if there was no improvement they should see him. He was fine probably less than 24 hours later.

A little over a week after that I noticed a small round sore the same leg near his foot. He has had hot spots before, and I figured that's what it was again. I treated it with the stuff our vet recommended for when he has one flare up. It showed some improvement until last week -- when he started licking & chewing at it more. It was worsening by the day so today I took him to the vet.

They took x-rays to make sure there was nothing going on in the bone -- all clear. They took some cells from the area (there is a lump there) to check for cancer -- all clear. They think he may have had some sort of minor injury like a bruise or sprain that he made worse with the frequent licking & chewing.

He is now has an oral antibiotic, a topical antibiotic/steroid, and this...

As you can tell from the picture, he's not very happy about the "Elizabethan collar"!


carolynn said...

Poor Baby Boomer!!!

diane said...

Poor guy. Hope he is well soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! But think of the satellite stations Boomer can pick up! JK, our dog had to wear on of those collars because he licked a spider bite raw. I hope your poor puppy heals up soon.

Penny said...

Boomer's leg is healing up nicely!