Monday, July 14, 2008

A Couple Gripes

If you were going on vacation asked a family member come mow your lawn while you are gone, wouldn't you show that family member where your lot ended and the next person's began? I know I would, but our neighbor didn't and this person cut quite a bit of our lawn which wouldn't normally bother me, but she cut it down to the soil in a couple areas. Here come the weeds -- GRRRR!

A little over week ago one of our neighbors across the street put in a new mailbox. A nice new mailbox -- this morning there are three yellow spray paint marks on one side. (Update: the neighbor's were able to get the paint off their new mailbox with a little WD-40 & a lot of elbow grease.) A truck was parked on the street a few blocks from our house, but on the next street -- the truck also has spray paint on it. A different color and "design". Last week it was on the garage of one of Olivia's friends, the gas station that is next to their garage, and a nearby bus stop.

I am fairly certain this is just kids being a bunch of jerks and not any dangerous gang activity. People work hard for their property and the police should be making their presences known in our neighborhoods -- not just out writing tickets for traffic offenses along the busier streets. I WANT them patrolling our neighborhoods, as well; and have sent emails to the appropriate places to let my city officials know that.

Bob's ready to put up a for sale sign. That silly guy tends to over react at times. Like the time he called the mayor to complain about a letter we got from the city telling us to trim a tree that hung too low over the road. Then it went on to state the exact city ordinance and call our property a blight on the community. It was a form letter sent to everyone who needed a tree trimmed, but it sent Bob over the edge and running to the phone to leave a message for the mayor. The mayor did call to apologize, sent a written apology, & they changed the way they inform homeowners in these situations now. Oh and in case you are wondering, we did NOT get reassessed because of that call...LOL!!


Diane said...

That is very frustrating. Over a year ago someone took a bat to hours and ruined it. We stopped that. Mike put up a new one with a still post in the middle. If anyone tries to bust this one, ouch, they will be sorry. Kids just aren't monitored like they should be. Shame on us.

diane said...

LOL, a steel post. Oops. I know that would cause a serious vibration through the arm and hand.

Makita said...

So frustrating. I'm sorry you have to deal with that garbage... never fun.

Penny said...

LOL...Diane! That will show 'em.

carolynn said...


Ah, Bob...the attorney came out, didn't it?

I totally agree with ya!!

Penny said...

LOL...C! Olivia and I refer to it as his "rage". It takes a lot to get him mad, but when he does get mad there's a lot of yelling over something small that made him "snap". I love that silly man. :)