Friday, July 11, 2008

Storm Was More of A Heavy Shower

Last night I Stormed the Bastille. However, my "storm" was more like a heavy shower. I have had limited run training time this summer due to crazy weather here and a HUGE dislike for the treadmill. Not to mention the knee pain I end up with when running on a treadmill. It do not get that when I run outside -- I think I must change my stride and that causes the knee pain.

We had a great time! This run has such a different atmosphere than the others. It is run at night through the streets of downtown Milwaukee. There was one water station and one BEER station! See I told you it was a different atmosphere...LOL!! The beer station isn't a official run station, as you probably guessed. It is a bunch of customers from one of the bars along the run route. They purchase pitchers & are given a bunch of plastic cups which they fill for the runners. Only in Milwuakee...LOL!!

I probably ran 2/3 of the 5K -- my time (42:30) was better than 5K segment of my triathlon by about a minute, but worse than my Around the World in 5K time by about 10 minutes. When I think of how much running I had to do last year to be able to get that 43:40 in the tri, I am amazed it didn't take me twice as long to run this 5k. I guess I haven't lost "it" as much as I thought.


carolynn said...

You def haven't lost it! Way to go!!!

ROFL..."only in Milwaukee"

Penny said...

Weren't there beer stations during the 3-Day? LOL!!