Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another Sign She's Growing Up

About a month ago I mentioned Olivia put in job applications at McDonald's and Cousins. Then a couple weeks later she also put one in at Subway. I could have pulled some strings & gotten her in at McDonald's, but we wanted her to do this on her own. Well, last evening she got a call for an interview at Cousins. It's tomorrow afternoon at 12:45 -- she's really nervous about the interview, but I know she will do fine.

If she gets the job that's great -- really great because her concert hobby is EXPENSIVE! ;) However, if she doesn't get it, having an interview under her belt will be good for her as well.


Michelle Stanley said...

Hope Olivia gets the job!!!

carolynn said...

Good luck, Olivia!!

Pen, I respect your decision to not pull those strings at McDonalds :)

Penny said...

Thanks ladies!

I got my brother Josh his first job at McDonald's. He still had to fill out an application & interview, but those were just formalities. He had the job because he was my brother.

Funny how "pulling strings" seems wrong when it is for your child.

Megan said...

You definitely learn a lot more about money when you're spending your own! :) Hope everything works out for her, it will definitely be a good opportunity!

Anonymous said...

Good luck to her!