Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Photographic Evidence

Here is some photographic evidence of our busy weekend.

As you might remember, over the winter our mailbox lost a battle with a snowplow so we purchased a new one. A new mailbox called for a fresh look. We had planned on doing this (minus the mailbox) for the last couple years, but never got around to it.


After #1

After #2

Replacing the coral bells, three euonymus, and a bush that was somehow a mixture of spirea & weigelia are fountain grass surrounded by creeping phlox, coreopsis, coneflower, meadow sage, veronica and some sweet alyssum. The rock has been replaced with mulch.

Thank you again, Olivia, for moving all that rock to the back yard.


carolynn said...

Looking good! That will be a great bed as the plants mature!

diane said...

Looks great. More room for adding plants.