Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Wow, That's Service

After our last big snow storm or maybe the one before that (there have been too many to keep them all straight), our mailbox had a fight with one of the plows and the snowplow won! It won big time. The post was broken off right to the ground. After the snow we were able to pack enough snow around it to keep it up right and functional for a week or so. The snow melted so I spent a little money for a temporary fix that worked until our Sunday papers were delivered. Adding their weight to the mail/paper boxes brought it crashing down as did the wind a few days later. I had had it with trying to keep the box propped up in the bucket of sand. So I put our mail on hold -- went several times a week to pick it up.

Knowing we don't really have the proper tools to install a new post & box system properly, I decided to try to locate a local company who could handle this job. One look in the Yellow Pages (how late 1900s of lead me in the right direction. They have a website so I began my search for the perfect mailbox. It was pricey, but I didn't want any old mailbox in front of my house. Yes, I am a mailbox snob...LOL! I found this one (in matte black)...

After I seeing that one, I called to inquire about a the price for installation & about how long it would be until the install could happen. I was told the install would be $85 and would take 1-3 weeks for what we ordered to come in a be installed. That was acceptable to us so VERY late Sunday night (more like Monday morning) I ordered.

I was prepared to keep waiting & thought if I hadn't heard anything from them after two weeks I would call just to check on the status of the order. Well, that call will not have to be made. I got a call from the installer yesterday before noon. Barely 36 hours after I placed the order, I had a call and a time the installer would be out. He arrived yesterday afternoon about 2:30 and worked in the rain for a little over two hours. Not only did he install the new post/box in a new area, but also dug out the old cement with broken off post and filled that hole with the dirt from the new hole he dug. He took the old stuff along with him and left the area in good condition.

It will be so nice to be able to walk out to the mailbox tomorrow to pick up my mail rather than having to hop in the car & drive across town to pick it up. I don't envy those of you who have to go pick up mail.

Thank you "Mahvelous" Mailboxes!!

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carolynn said...

Now THAT'S service!!

I'm one of those who opted against having a box on the street. I do have one advantage though....Dad picks up my mail every day! LOL