Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Another Repair -- UGH!

Barely a month ago we had to call out a plumber to repair the flange on the toilet in the full bath. Now, we have to have an appliance guy out for the dryer. It just stopped heating. Anyone know how long it takes to tumble a load of towels dry without any heat? LOL!! It's probably the heating coil thing a ma bob, but I am not comfortable with adding gas appliance repair to my resumé.

This is when Bob says the house is falling down around us we should just sell it. It's really not, but doesn't it seem like everything happens at once? "They" say things happen in threes, but I am hoping "they" are wrong. ;)


carolynn said...

Ooh, you are on number two....let's not believe that "happening in threes" thing.

And as much as you are capable of fixing things, I agree with you. GAS appliance repair is not something you want to teach yourself!

HeatherJ said...

Things are falling apart here too, so I coughed up the $$ for a home warranty. Covers all appliances and systems in the house. Of course nothing will actually break down since I finally got the coverage.