Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Passing Time

Can you think of a better way to pass time when waiting for the someone to come repair a dryer than peeling wallpaper? I couldn'!

The "demolition" of the full bath has begun. Instead of the complete redo we were talking about over the winter, we decided to just paint for now. It needs it BAD! Since the kitchen is a more public room than our full bath, we decided we'll do the big budget redo there first. We are going to have the cabinets refaced and replace the counters. The kitchen probably won't happen until sometime next spring.

By the way, the dryer is all better. A couple of thermal sensors needed to be replaced. It's working like a charm once again.

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HeatherJ said...

I have peeled a lot of difficult wallpaper in my time. That's why my husband and I have a strict no-wallpaper policy. Even if it's really cute. I'm actually pretty good at peeling it though. I hate hanging wallpaper more than peeling it off.