Friday, June 08, 2007

Triscuits, I Think I Love You

While grocery shopping a few weeks ago, I picked up Cracked Pepper & Olive Oil Triscuits. Today, I had my first taste of them! Oh my, they are SO good and pretty good for me too. As long as I don't eat the whole! I didn't! *snicker* I topped them with Laughing Cow Light Original Swiss Cheese! It was a nice treat for my morning snack! :)


G.P. said...

In a word .. yummers ! :)

Are you a nascar buff? MY husband used to race cars... Someday I have a Long beach toyota grand prix story for you:)

happy weekend
GP in Montana

carolynn said...

You and that laughing cow have feen friends for a few years now, LOL! I still haven't tried it!!

diane said...

I have tried certain ones of those, but not that particular one. Next on my list.

HeatherJ said...

Hi Penny! Missed ya ... baseball season and end of school (plus an annual business trip) makes for an insanely busy time of year for me. Worse than the holidays.

Anyhooo, those crackers look absolutely delicious. I think I won't buy a box because I will eat the whole thing.



Pen said...

Thanks for stopping by Heather! I hope things slow down a bit for you soon.