Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Remind Me

Next time I say "whew" remind me not to! I thought things would get back to normal around here after that. Well, needless to say they did not! (Jenny was right!)

Friday after Bob got home from work we were all on the second floor of our house. There are two bedrooms, the den (really a bedroom), the line closet and a full bath. I went downstairs to move a load of laundry from the washer to the dryer, but stopped at the counter in the kitchen when I noticed water on the counter. It wasn't a big puddle. More like someone had accidentally sprayed the counter with the sprayer from the sink. While trying to figure it out where it came from I feel water drip on me. I look up to see the paint on the ceiling bubbled and water running out!

It turned out to be the beeswax ring around the toilet upstairs. It only leaked when flushed so I shut off the water and put it out of commission for the night. The next morning I went to the hardware store for the items I need need. Replaced the ring, put the toilet back on. Later that night the toilet was leaking again, but just on to the floor next to it this time. Thank goodness it wasn't to the kitchen again. So I took the toilet apart for the second time in as many days. The toilet flange (a drain pipe fitting that allows you to securely connect a toilet to the actual piping) was broken. I don't have the strength or tools to fix that. So it was plumber time! I spent today waiting for him to show and had the privilege of handing him nearly $400. Better than the approximate $550 the first guy estimated over the phone.

Thanks to the leak on Friday night, I have to move paint the ceiling of the first floor up on my to do list. There aren't any headers over the doorways to the rooms on there so I have to paint the entire ceiling! I am thankful that the water mark left is above a cabinet and not very noticeable. It dried fine and won't need much repair other than a tiny bit of spackle , a coat of primer and paint!

Can someone say UGH for me! ;)


carolynn said...


In a big way!
You poor thing!!

Pen said...

I am so glad the repair is done. It is hard to have one working toilet when you are used to two. I don't know how we did it when I was growing up. Six people and one bathroom!

Diane said...

UGH!!! Sounds like you had a mess. I agree, you poor girl.