Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #23

My 86-year-old grandmother was diagnosed with osteoporosis about two weeks ago. She met with her doctor yesterday and will be taking a once monthly osteoporosis pill along with doubling her dosage of calcium/vitamin D.

She is the type of woman who sweats the small stuff. Complains about her health when she should really be thankful because is in really good health -- especially for an 86 year old! There are many, many people far younger deal with much more than she ever has. She is freaking out about having to take a pill and already worrying out which side effect she is going to have. (For those who don't know she reads every letter of print that comes with a medication and every time says she has one of the side effects about 12 hours after taking the new pill.)

To help her understand her diagnosis I have been doing a some reading on osteoporosis. I thought I would share some of the risk factors for those who may not know them. Some I knew. Some I did not.

Thirteen Osteoporosis Risk Factors

1. being older than 65

2. breaking a bone after age 50

3. having poor vision, even with glasses

4. starting menopause before age 45

5. having a close relative with osteoporosis or who has broken a bone

6. smoking

7. having more than two alcoholic beverages several times a week

8. being underweight

9. having never gotten enough calcium

10. being inactive

11. falling

12. having one of the following medical conditions: hyperthyroidism, chronic lung disease, Cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, chronic hepatic or renal disease, vitamin D deficiency, Cushing's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis

13. taking one of these medicines: steroids, cancer treatments (radiation, chemotherapy), thyroid medicine, anti epileptic medications, immunosuppressive agents.

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Christina said...

Very educational list! Thanks for sharing! Your blog design is very pretty.

jenny® said...

what a great list! this reminds me to take my calcium everyday! But I don't...will try! thanks for tt is up!

Stephanie said...

Wow. A very educational list!! Thanks!

I really like your blog! Very pretty! Happy TT!

Babystepper said...

Lots of great info here. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Very informative. Your grandmother sounds like my dad. He will be 86 and has never had any problems but if you ask him it's all gloom and doom.

Jenny McB said...

Well,now she has something to share with her friends. It's hard for some people to feel that there is something wrong when they probably feel fine.
Good facts on the osteoporosis, don't have to worry about #8!

Christie said...

i actually didn't know most of those! interesting!! thanks for the list and thanks for stopping by mine!!

colleen said...

I don't blame her. Every other day they pull a drug that the public was told was good but the side effects turn out to be worse than the condition it's treating. My mother won't take it but she does other preventative stuff.

Crimson Wife said...

My grandma had osteoporosis and my mom has osteopena (sp?) so I know I'm at high risk for it. I've taken calcium supplements and done weight-bearing exercise for years trying to build up bone mass. I'm now 30 so at this point it's maintenance.

Happy Mama to Three said...

What a great idea for a list. I hope that many women take these warnings to heart.


carolynn said...

Having been diagnosed with osteoporosis just before age 42 (risk factors: cancer, early menopause, etc)-- I also take the once a month pill, Boniva.

No side effects--but if you don't take it and wait a full hour before eating or other meds, you reduce absorption by NINETY PERCENT. You might want to make sure she is taking it as prescribed.

Great educational list, Pen!

Marilyn said...

Wow, that was very educational. I didn't know half of those. Maybe I should forward that list to my Mom.

Thank you.