Friday, March 30, 2007

Flickr Fun

Bob's parents sent me a beautiful mixed floral bouquet for my birthday! In typical Penny fashion I had to take some pictures of it! After uploading to my flickr account, I found a place to create this clever little mosaic with the images.Notice the little faux butterfly in the bottom left photo? Isn't it sweet!?!

I also Warholized a scanned portrait of Olivia. She was 1 when this picture was taken.

You can Warholize your photo with the Warholizer here!


carolynn said...

GREAT effects! I love floral photography.

I've seen places selling "Warhol" prints customized for over $200!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful flowers Pen! And my, aren't you becoming quite the techno whiz!! :)

Pen said...

Thank you ladies!

I can't take all the credit! Being a techno wiz is easy when there are sites that help! :)

Amy said...

My daughter is real crafty when it comes to pictures and making collages. They are so neat!