Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's Here

My new computer arrived Saturday morning just as FedEx tracking said it would. I finally have the necessary files from the old computer (mostly photos) over to this one.

The wireless router was giving my trouble when I initially tried to set it up Sunday afternoon, but when I tried again Monday morning it worked like a charm and has ever since.

I'm still working on getting this room reorganized since we don't need the monstrous monitor taking up the entire desk any longer.


Lisa said...

You will just love that new computer monitor.I wish I could get a flat screen TV..but..HELLO??how much... Thatll be the day.
Happy Thanksgiving!
coastal nest

carolynn said...

I am very happy with my new laptop, and I do like vista very much. With SP1, it has the bugs worked out!

Have fun! Do you love it already??

Penny said...

I totally love it! Know a funny thing. It's a laptop & wireless yet I have never moved it from the desk...lol!! Silly, hey?

carolynn said...

be forewarned: once it realizes it is mobile, it will fight to stay out of the office. trust me on this. (she says, typing from the living room)