Monday, November 24, 2008

First "Real" Snow of the Season

We got our first real snow of the season overnight! Woke up to a beautiful white blanket -- the kind that sticks to the trees. I couldn't help but think I was driving through an Ansel Adams photo while I was driving Olivia & her friends to school.

Do not confuse my shots with those of Ansel!!


keeper of the chocolates said...

ohhhhh, penny, snow! can i be with you in spirit? ansel adams is my fave of all time photogs. we spent our honeymoon in yosemite, in december....snow all around. the b&b we stayed in had this amazing documentary of his life, done by pbs' 'an american experience'. the music in it was beautiful. get the soundtrack - great driving through snow music :)

ok dear one, have a beautiful and snowy day :)

Penny said...

Of course, you can! Every time you mention your wedding I remember those beautiful pictures you posted on TT! They breathtaking!!

You have a beautiful day, as well!

carolynn said...

Good for you! We've had three or four now, and I'm hoping for many more this season!

And Ansel Adams? AMAZING work.