Sunday, August 10, 2008

Photography for Two

Olivia hasn't gotten her "official" schedule yet, but her school uses a program where parents and students can check their grades. Olivia logged into that site yesterday and noticed her classes for the first term were listed. She got Photography. When she signed up we figured she wouldn't get it. There is only one class per year, the number of students are limited. They pick who gets into class seniors first, then juniors, and so on. It also goes by the date you registered for the class, but your grade comes first. Being a sophomore & signing up near the end of the registration period we figured Olivia wouldn't get it, but it was worth a try.

Looks like Olivia & I will be learning the same things this fall! :)

The school provides the cameras so we don't have to go on the hunt for another one. Thank goodness!

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carolynn said...

That's awesome!!