Monday, August 11, 2008


Those Packers really know how to screw things up this season. They play their first pre-season game tonight. It just happens that the network that it is being aired on in the Milwaukee area is ABC. The same network that should be showing the finale of The Mole tonight. That episode will be shown, but not until SUNDAY AFTERNOON! Grrr -- what's wrong with airing it after Jimmy Kimmel like they do other shows that are preempted for whatever reason. Guess they don't realize one of the final three is from the area!

I know I can watch it online tomorrow, but it's just not the same so I feel like complaining!

For the record, I know it's not really the Packers fault, but after the saga of the last month or so I feel like blaming something else on them...LOL!

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carolynn said...

LOL Pen! We'll all make sure not to tell you what happened until you watch today! (actually, I don't watch that one, so you are safe with me, LOL)