Saturday, August 30, 2008

Photo 101

It was really weird to be back in the classroom after being out for nearly 20 years. Of course, we will be learning the how to use an SLR camera. The class is not only to teach about how to use the camera, but how to look at things more creatively. We won't be learning developing and we don't use the film you would think we would (negative film). We use slide film. Our slides are put into a slide projector after they are graded for a group critique -- YIKES. Hopefully, my classmates aren't too brutal...LOL!!

There are only two places in the area who develop slide film in house, and since we need them back quickly we have to use local. The nearest place is about 40 minutes from my house & a little further from my friend's house. We are carpooling to school & we will also take turns running films out & picking up. No sense on both of us driving out there.

We have our first assignment, and it is due Thursday. I have to get out and get shooting so I can have them developed and back by Wednesday afternoon or evening. Other assignments we get a lot more time for, but this one is only worth 10 point that will go toward our lowest project grade. It is basically for the instructor to see where everyone is and for us to get a feel for how he wants the assignments done.

I plan to have my film scanned to CD or purchase a slide scanner so I will post some of my assignment photos from time to time so you guys can see my progress (

I am a bit nervous, but really excited to learn new things at the same time.


Scribbit said...

My husband keeps saying I should get an SLR but of course then I'd need a class on how to use it--I'd love to take one though, photography has always been an interest.

Anonymous said...

Good luck in your class!

diane said...

No need to be nervous. You will do a great job. Looking forward to seeing some of your work.

carolynn said...

You'll do a great job.

I have to pass on the SLR cameras (my head would explode), but look forward to shooting with the new olympus!