Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Remember that orientation? It's happening right now!

Remember the plan for the new roof? It's happening right now!

We ended up going with barkwood for the color. After seeing, hickory on a couple homes we just didn't care for it. The contrast between the colors in the actual shingle were too great and it kind of looked like plaid or checkerboard up on the roof. It would probably would have looked find, but a roof color mistake is a bit tougher to fix than a paint color mistake. Not to mention a bit more costly.

So far they have the roof over the second story done (or nearly done). I am lovin' it so far. I will post before, during and after pictures once the project is completed. It looks to me like that could be as early as tomorrow.


Sue said...

Congrats on the construction! We need a new roof...someday.

carolynn said...

(trying not to think about you having to put all those little shoes back out)

Penny said...

I'm trying not to think about that either...lol!