Tuesday, August 19, 2008

He's Here

Back in January I told you about The Bronze Fonz coming to Milwaukee. At the time the estimated an unveiling of Labor Day, but it was a couple weeks ahead of schedule. The Bronze Fonz was unveiled today. Here are both versions (flesh & bronze...lol)...

The statue looks more like Wink Martindale to me than the Fonz. *snicker*


carolynn said...

LOL! The only Fonz I see in bronze is the jacket and the thumbs up....not the face!

Penny said...

A lot of Milwaukee area residents are saying the same thing. A column is yesterday's paper listed people as saying it looked like...

Ronald Reagan
Mark Belling (local talk radio host)
Herman Munster
Eddie Munster
Alec Baldwin

No Wink Martindale there, but I still see a young Wink when I look at it...LOL!!

Sue said...

Aaaaaaa! Yeah, the statue looks kinda freaky. Henry still looks good though. ;o)