Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Still Rising

The waters are still rising around the state.

It seems our city's water levels are going down, but not fast enough. The school parking lot was still under water this morning.

The flood waters broke through an earthen dam draining Lake Delton into the Wisconsin River (video). Can you even imagine watching your house just get swept away like that?

The house still standing in the video is owned by Bob's junior high math teacher. It eventually cracked & fell as well. Only when this one fell the water was gone so it didn't get carried away.

This is an EXTREMELY popular tourist area in our state. In fact, the summer months here feed the economy of that area of the state. A Wisconsin Army National Guard Engineering Team is working on figuring out how to get water into Lake Delton.


Motherhood for Dummies said...

that is so sad. I saw that video a few moments ago and it was painful to watch. I hope no one was hurt.

carolynn said...

what a catastrophe, in every sense of the word. :(