Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Another One Down

Olivia is done with her freshman year! I can't believe I am the parent of a sophomore! YIKES!

There was a schedule change for the end of the year due to the flooding in the area. The exams that were to be taken on Monday were canceled. Tuesday's & Wednesday's exams were held as scheduled. Today was to be the last day of school, but with high water still near some schools the last day was changed to yesterday.

Students were able to Monday's canceled exams to try to improve their grades, but a poor grade on the exam would not hurt them. One of Olivia's canceled exams was for a class in which she had been struggling and the other she was close to an A so she took them both. She did well on those exams and improved those grades. For one class she was the only one to take the exam and one of three in the other. Yes, it took some nagging from mom & dad to get her to take those exams, but she is glad she did.

To celebrate Olivia & I went out to lunch. Then we went off to McDonald's & Cousins where she put in job applications. I think she has a pretty good shot at the McDonald's job because of her "connections". As most of you know Bob & I both worked there, and I still do two weeks per year to do those bunny parties.


diane said...

Great job Olivia. It is amazing how time passes, especially with our children. My oldest daughter graduated last Friday and my youngest will be a freshman.

carolynn said...

NO DOUBT about those connections....LOL!