Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Help Me

My hair needs help big time! My bangs are too long, I need the length trimmed, and my roots are beginning to show. I am trying to wait until my usual stylist, Diane, returns from maternity leave to have my hair done, but I need it done SOON! I am not sure of the exact date she will be back, but she better hurry!! :) The stylist I went to last time wasn't bad, but she wasn't Diane either. Diane just knows my hair!

Hurry back woman or I will be spending the foreseeable future in ponytails with headbands! LOL!!


diane said...

I have a lot of bad hair days. Still don't know exactly what I want. Hang in there. Show us pics when you get all dolled up. LOL

carolynn said...

How dare her take maternity leave when YOU NEED A HAIRCUT!!!! LOLOLOL