Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dashing Dahlias

A couple shots of this year's window box flowers -- Dwarf Dahlias!!

Not to toot my own horn, but they may be the best I have ever taken. I LOVE them! :)


carolynn said...

Whoa, Pen....those are THE BEST I've seen. Awesome shots!!

What camera are you using these days?

Penny said...

Still that old Nikon Coolpix 4100. This thing is beginning to go through batteries like there is not tomorrow so I know I will need to upgrade soon. However, I worry a bit that I won't be happy with a new camera.

I will probably go with another Nikon. I have looked at several other brands, but don't like how the buttons, screen, etc. are set up. I will have to keep looking. This one is doing its job other than the battery trouble.

carolynn said...

Nikon CoolPix! Same here, girl. Mine is the 2500, and yeah, I've had it a while. I have an extra rechargeable bettery, but they last no time, especially in "close up" mode. Just too old.

I want to upgrade as well, and leaning to Nikon again. You sealed the deal for me. Let's stick with Nikon! :)

Diane said...

Beautiful pics, Penny. Always enjoy looking at them.

Makita said...

AWESOME photos! You should enter them in your county fair! :D

Penny said...

Thanks ladies!

Makita -- My county doesn't have a fair, but I am going to check into entering them in our state fair.

Anonymous said...


Those pics are worthy of display in an art museum. I love the second one.