Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fun Day

Some of you may know that I have an uncle who was a youth pastor. (He now works at Cornerstone University). All my life he, my aunt, and three cousins have lived outside Wisconsin. Mostly in Michigan, but also in Kansas City, MO & Waukegan, IL. Even though we only saw these cousins a couple times per year we were pretty close and always had a great time with them. (When the weather was bad, we had a blast playing in the church gym and classrooms on visits to Michigan.) Well, this fall my cousin Jamie answered the Lord's call and took a position as children's pastor in Janesville, WI. Our family is so excited to have them closer to us.

Today my mom, grandma and I took a road trip to visit my cousin, his wife, and their four darling little girls. We had a great time with them as usual.

This is just the third time I have met his wife, but she is the sweetest, nicest thing. She has so much patience with those girls (6, 4, 23 months, and 6 weeks). I know I would be pulling my hair out...LOL!!

The picture is great-grandma (grandma to Jamie & me) holding our family's newest little darling.

Jamie, Denise & girls...I am so happy you guys listened to your calling and came "home" to Wisconsin. I love you all and can't wait to see you again soon! :)

Would you believe grandma is nearly 87? She's very proud of her age and no one ever believes her when she tells them how old she is! I hope I inherited those genes. :)

I have added a few other pictures from the day to my flickr account.


Alex said...

Wow what a nice mailbox,i wish i could send you some ....
Greetings from the german mail man /woman Alex*gg*

Alex said...

Sorry took the wrong blog....

carolynn said...

Great news!!!

Wow, she looks fabulous! I'd be proud of my age if I looked like her, too!

Amen to "answering the call".