Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Technological Upgrades

The weekend after Thanksgiving we upgraded from a 27 inch TV we bought in 1999 to a 42 inch LCD TV! Since the box on that TV was only standard definition not the wonderful HD, that meant a satellite upgrade was required too! Today was the day!The wonderful tech had to go through all that fresh snow we got last night & this morning. He did it without complaints or grumbles about the weather.

It's nice to have HD & DVR on one receiver in one room. The box in the living room will need to be upgraded at some point to get all the available HD channels, but we don't watch that one much so that can wait until the price of the HD & DVR combo boxes come down in price a bit more.

Back to the wonderful tech, would you believe he took off his snowy boots and slipped on a pair of Crocs to walk on our carpeting? How do I get Bob & Olivia to keep their wet and/or shoes off the!


carolynn said...

OOOH Pen...very nice!

A couple weeks ago, we went from a 27" standard to a hi def, too (40").
It's a great picture, but right now we can't take full advantage of HD until our cable company catches up some. (The box is hd, but they are only offering about 4 channels right now) Small town living, LOL.

I bet those images jump off of the screen! I can't wait to see mine! After the first of the year we are supposed to get more.

Penny said...

When we got the HD box that is in the living room, we got about 4 channels in HD as well. If I remember right one of them was one of those those channels that showing swimming fish or a fire burning in a fireplace all day long...LOL!

Penny said...

Oh, the pic is GREAT! Football is AWESOME in HD! :)

Anonymous said...

Hmm, sounds like I have some catching up to do. LOL

Penny said...

Is that you, Diane? If so, LOL!