Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #31

Thirteen Phobias

Earlier this week Bob & I won a trivia contest at a local pub & grille we visit regularly. The topic was phobias! We answered 9 out of 10 correctly! To celebrate that little victory, I have decided to list 13 phobias beginning with the letter B. (I guess I chose B for Bob...LOL!)

1. Bibliophobia is the fear of books.

2. Bacillophobia is the fear of microbes.

3. Botanophobia is the fear of plants.

4. Batophobia is the fear of heights.

5. Bogyphobia is the fear of the Boogie Man.

6. Blennophobia is the fear of slime.

7. Belonephobia is the fear of pins and needles.

8. Basiphobia is the fear of walking and falling.

9. Bathophobia is the fear of depth.

10. Batrachophobia is the fear of toads and frogs.

11. Bromidrophobia is the fear of body smells.

12. Batrachophobia is the fear of amphibians.

13. Brontophobia is the fear of thunder and lightning.

Do you have any phobias? (They don't have to start with B.)

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nikki the red said...

i have a strange one: the fear of fuzz. if you can find a name for it, i'd love to know!!

WAHM said...

i love this post! my daughter knows a ton of phobias from taking psych classes for the last 3 years.

my 13 is up on

Southern Girl said...

I can't imagine having a phobia of books! Fun TT!

Mine's up, too:

Melina said...

I love that site too, I go on there every so often to check out some of the quizzes when I'm bored.

Great TT, my 10th TT is up too 13 controversial, banned and/or banned music videos

Sword Girl said...

There sure are a LOT of phobias! I can't imagine how many there must be altogether. Congratulations on winning!

Ash said...

I hate flying. And Rolycoasters. And really tall buildings.

So I'm guessing it's heights, fear of heights. Actually no, it's a fear of FALLING from the heights. I hate that feeling of butterflies in your belly. HATE IT!

Lucy R. E. said...

i terrified of snakes and insecure heights. but i looove trivia :)

carolynn said...

This is a great list...I've never heard of some of those!!

Pen said...

I hadn't heard of most of those. Obviously, those weren't on the quiz I took...LOL!

Nicholas said...

Four of those I could probably work out from their names, but I have never heard of any of them. Imagine being afraid of books!