Thursday, September 13, 2007

Simply Vera

If you want anything from the Simply Vera line at Kohl's, I suggest you order from their website or RUN to the store right now! The line is going to be shown on Oprah tomorrow, and we all know what happens when Oprah likes something.

I checked it out today and love it! Some of it is a little dressy for my needs so I didn't pick anything up.


carolynn said...

Ah...I heard about her line, but didn't know who was carrying it!

carolynn said...

Speaking of Vera...does anyone else think it's odd that she did a MATTRESS line???

Pen said...

There's a top I can't stop thinking about and may have to go pick up before Oprah airs here tomorrow! :)

Yes, I find it odd she did a mattress line. You just hide it with sheets, blankets, comforters, quilts, pillows, etc! Who cares what pattern is underneath...LOL!

By the way, I love her fragrances! Bob wears Vera Wang for Men & I wear Vera Wang. Love them both! Her other women's scents are good too.

Mrs. Jones said...

Oh, yeah. I love it too. I'm on a spending diet and it is KILLING ME to not buy something. It's all on sale too! Maybe I'll just go and try it on. :-)