Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #30

Thirteen Things Moved to the Back Burner
(while Dad was in the hospital)

1. Home cooked meals (I am getting back on track with that, and it feels good to being eating at home as a family instead of on the run.)

2. Eating right (Well, not completely, but I made some pretty poor choices on a few days.)

3. Working out (I got back to it this week! It felt good!)

4. Doing laundry (I did eight loads on Monday/Tuesday! I would do a quick load here and there, but most of it just sat for most of August.)

5. Cleaning the house (We just did the basics and Olivia helped out so much.)

6. Filing bills (They got paid, but never made their way into the file cabinet.)

7. Shredding junk mail and other misc. papers (This pile must be about two feet high.)

8. Grocery shopping (Thank God for my Grocery Game stockpile.)

9. Back-to-school shopping (Thank you mom for taking Olivia out for new school clothes. Even though it's been in the 90s the first few days she has been wearing all the new stuff you got her.)

10. Sleep (Don't think I will ever get that back. :))

11. Blogging (I am excited to get back to reading what has been going on in all my blogging buddies lives and to get back to writing about mine.)

12. Redecorating the bathroom (The wallpaper is only partially taken down from our bathroom walls. I will get back to this next week. I have all the stuff to begin painting and am anxious to get at it.)

13. Yard work (I have some tree/shrub trimming to do before the painter we hired comes to paint the fence & trim. He was supposed to be here late Aug/early Sept, but the rain we had a while back put him behind about 10 days. I am sure we will be hearing from him again soon.)

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julia said...

Blogging is #1? Are you kidding? ;)

Pen said...

LOL...Julia! It is number 11, but my list is in no particular order! :)

Andrea said...

My bills NEVER make it into the filing cabinet. :)

Thanks for visiting my blog. Come back anytime!

Lori said...

Awwwwww yes, those are all on my To-Do list as well. Tell me how that all works out for you:) Happy TT.

Anonymous said...

Catching up soon, I think! I should probably think of my 'wayside' stuff and get caught up on it, too!

Joy T. said...

Visiting from the big list of TT'ers. Sorry to read about your dad. It sounds like your life is getting somewhat back to normal now though. Happy TT!

carolynn said...

#7-- and have you noticed that the beginning of "holiday mail order catalog deluge" has begun? As of last week, I started getting 3-5 catalogs a day!

Jenny McB said...

Welcome back, glad to see you have your priorities and where we all stand..LOL, hospital visits are bad for food choices.