Friday, September 07, 2007

Biking, Running

I was able to get back to exercise a little bit this week. I got in two bike rides and one run.

0.0 miles13.0 miles3.25 miles
0hr 00min
0hr 55min
00hr 40min

The bike rides were fine even though this was only the second time I was on my bike since the triathlon.

The run today was another story! I met my friend, Erin, at a nearby trail for a morning run. It was hot, humid & raining lightly. We decided to run anyway because neither of us have had much time to workout lately and really need to get back into the groove. It kicked us both in the rear end. We weren't able to run the entire 3.25 mile trail, but did run the majority of it. We are going to meet every Friday morning for a run as long as the weather holds. I am sure we will get our ability to run that trail back in no time if we keep it up.


Jenny McB said...

My youngest had a cross country meet today and it was in the low nineties and humid. I don't know how you all can run in that!

I tagged you...check out my blog.

carolynn said...

Great start back! You'll be back to "top form" before you know it!