Friday, July 20, 2007

Will Bonds Make History in Milwaukee?

The buzz is in the air this weekend in Milwaukee. Barry Bonds & the San Francisco Giants are in town to play the Brewers this weekend. Barry is now 2 home runs away from Hank Aaron's home run record. If he hits one tonight, I don't think he will play again until the Giants are back home, but how crazy would it be if he tied Aaron's record in the town Aaron hit many of his home runs?

We will be at the game on Sunday. Word around town is that when Barry is up to bat instead of the boos he gets in other cities, he will instead be hearing chants of Hank, Hank, Hank! :)


carolynn said...

Very interesting twist!

That's a GREAT game to attend!

Pen said...

We're going with a group and the weekend was picked without looking at who the Brewers would be playing. Couldn't have worked out better for us. There are only standing room only tickets left for the series.