Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #29

I have been spending a lot of time this week removing wallpaper from the walls in our full bath. This is going to be a temporary fix until we put in tile, a new vanity, and counter. I hate the color of the counter in there, but need the paint color to work with it. I was thinking of going with an apricotish (Is that even a word? LOL!) color, but have changed my mind and will now go with some shade of lilac or lavender.

Since I changed my mind on the color, it means we will have to get a new shower curtain, valance, towels, and other accessories. When we do replace the items I mentioned earlier we are going with neutral colors so it will all still be usable.

Here are some of the things I have run across that I may pick up to use in our "new" bathroom.

Thirteen Bathroom Redecorating Possibilities

1. Shower Curtain (

2. Shower Curtain Rings (

3. Wastebasket (

4. Soap Pump (

5. Covered Jar (

6. Tumbler (

7. White Hand Towels (

8. Lavender Hand Towels (

9. Lavender Bath Rugs (

10. Light Fixture (

11. Towel Hook (

12. Towel Bar (

13. Prints that were Bob's Grandma's
(On the floor in front of the window in the shot below.)

Whew! Finding, saving, and uploading all those pictures is a lot of work! I am heading back to the paper peeling now!

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Holly said...

Wow. Those look great. I might have to save those pics to reference later, since I'm redoing my bathroom, too. I really like the white and lavender together.

Happy TT.

Anonymous said...

PRETTY items! Happy TT!

Mitchypoo said...

Oh, it's going to be pretty! Hope you post a pic when it's done. Thanks for visiting/commenting! Happy TT!

carolynn said...

I have lavender in one bathroom, and love it.

LOVE LOVE (WANT!) those shower curtain rings!

Jenny McB said...

Lovely items from Target, that store has everything.

Good luck with the bathroom!

Makita said...

Your bathroom is going to look so welcoming and pretty. : )