Friday, May 25, 2007

Training Totals

Here are my training totals for the week so far.

Mon: 40 minute bike
Tue: 35 minute run
Thu: 30 minute swim
Fri: 50 minute bike
Tot: 155 minutes

My training schedule calls for 215 minutes total this week. I have a 25 minute swim and 35 minute run left to complete. I plan to do those over the weekend.

I continue to do a light strength program while training for the tri. Since I posted about the 8.5 lb loss on May 8, I have only lost another half a pound. While I the numbers on the scale aren't moving much, I do see a difference in my body and how my clothes fit. Most importantly how I feel. I enjoy biking, running, and swimming. I plan to keep it up after the tri!

I have been eating healthy and only have one Diet Pepsi a day. (One soad per day is a HUGE improvement for me.) I need to to track what I am eating to see if I am eating enough calories to fuel my body for the increased exercise. I am wondering if that is why the pounds are coming off so slowly. I don't mind them coming off slowly. Those are the ones that stay off, but I am curious to see if that might be the cause. I am so close to getting into those capris & shorts from last year.


amy said...

You are such great motivation. thanks for stopping by my blog

carolynn said...

Great job, you are going to be in excellent shape!
You are right about the scale not mattering....and beside that, muscle weighs more than fat, so while your body changes the scale might not.

ONE SODA! Boy, did you cut back!