Monday, November 13, 2006

Lovin' Everyday Minerals

I recently discovered a new brand of make-up, and I am in love! I am not a big fan of foundation, but let me tell you I need!! I ordered the Everyday Minerals sample kit last Tuesday, it arrived Friday. I could not get the package open fast enough. This stuff is wonderful. I do not feel like I am wearing any make-up and my skin looks better than it ever has with any make-up. It's similar to Bare Minerals, but I like the price tag on Everyday Minerals MUCH better! :)

You can order the sample kit here. All you pay for the sample kit is shipping, and you chose how quickly you would like to begin using EM!


stacy said...

I recently started using mineral makeup too and love it!

carolynn said...

I had heard of Bare Minerals, but not Everyday Minerals. Great find!