Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Race Fan Fashion for A Cause

I ran across the article below on jsonline.com today.
Track Couture, a Memphis company, usually produces clothing inspired by NASCAR and racing. But this time the inspiration is personal. Kathleen Smith, co-founder of the company, has unveiled a new T-shirt in memory of her late sister, Wendy Smith Rice, who died unexpectedly last year.

Smith Rice died from Long QT Syndrome (LQTS) Type 2, which causes more than 3,000 sudden, unexplained deaths in the United States every year.

The shirt, a white, long-sleeve tee with black sleeves and a checkered pink and black heart in the front, was designed to raise awareness about the disease and raise money for related medical research.

The shirts sell for $29.99, of which $19.99 will be donated to the Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndromes (SADS) Foundation. For more information, visit www.trackcouture.com/charity.aspx. - Vikki Ortiz

It may be because I am living a rock (lol), but this is the first time I have heard of Track Couture! Fashion for race fans? I think I am in love!!!

The list of drivers they have merchandise for is limited, but my guy (Tony Stewart) is available. I am going to have to take a long look at the site and pick out some new race day gear.

How about Race Royalty or Pit Lizard? :)


carolynn said...

I love the first shirt and spreading awareness of that illness.

You know I am not a NASCAR fan, but I would SO buy that Pit Lizard shirt! LOL

Pen said...

Pit Lizard is one I was leaning toward. I will also be getting the awareness shirt. I haven't decided which Tony shirt I will be getting yet though. Possible a hoodie, but I love the Miss 20 shirts. If Bob is around when I order, I will end up with all of them...lol!

I will let you know what I decide!

carolynn said...

I want a husband that will encourage me to order them ALL!!!!

Pen said...


I think it is because usually when Bob wants something it's a big ticket item. Even if I buy every shirt I want on that site it would be less than the $600 he spent on TWO Mitchell & Ness baseball jerseys in the spring...lol.

I won't mention the Xbox 360 he bought last month...lol! *snicker*

carolynn said...

Ok, he "owes" you!!

Pen said...

rofl! :)

Anonymous said...

Time to pay up, Bob. LOL You go Penny!!!