Thursday, July 06, 2006

Oh, How I Love Cleaning & Organizing

Earlier this summer I made a plan to do a deep cleaning/organizing in the house by taking one room each week. Today while working, I was thinking how crazy I was to schedule the kitchen for a week when I only had three days to work on it. Well, just a few mintues ago I ran across the schedule, and I am not so crazy after!

Needless, to say the family room didn't get done. I can take care of it in just a couple hours tomorrow. It's a small room with only a few pieces of furniture. They are easy to move for the big vacuuming. Next week is really kitchen week. Oh well, at least now I have a good!! I got the inside of all the lower cabinets wiped out and organized as well as the drawers. I was planning to tackle the pantry tomorrow, but will hold off on that until next week. It really needs to be done. I need to move some of our less (read almost used small items to the basement to make more room for my growing stockpile of groceries.

Speaking of groceries, would you believe I spent less than $45 on groceries this week? Almost half of that was on some GREAT Diet Pepsi sales they were running around the area. Woohoo!


carolynn said...

Organizing is my thing. Cleaning is not, LOL. I like things clean, I just don't particularly enjoy being the one who does it.
I just finished the pantry last week...and I am SO jealous that the Grocery Game doesn't work so well for me in this area! I need to see if they have added any new stores to their list for me.
(Ah, the good ole' days when Kroger did triple coupons)
I know you eat healthy, so it can't be a bunch of poptart coupons! LOL

Pen said...

I know there are people who can say their savings are better, but they are using poptart I save on things we use all the time lioke frozen and canned veggies, soups, salad dressings, cereal, and dairy products. Where I see the BEST savings is on paper products, cleaning supplies, and health & beauty items.

Diane said...

I certainly don't like cleaning. I'm a firm believer that everything has a home and that is where it should be when it isn't in use. My girls have a long way to go when it comes to keeping their things in a home. LOL

Pen said...

Bob & Olivia have a long way to go in the organization department as!