Friday, September 04, 2009

More Shopping

Olivia needs a new mattress & a local furniture store is having a "get what you spend back to spend in the store" sale. The prices were competitive with what you would pay in the area. I thought there would be a huge mark up because of the sale, but there is not. She got a new mattress & boxspring, Bob got a "free" 32 inch LCD TV" (which we planned on getting at some point anyway), and I got an awesome lamp. I would have never, ever bought this lamp without this deal. It was pricey!! :eek:

Believe it or not it was really hard to spend what was left over after the TV. I walked around that place for two hours trying to decided what to get. There wasn't a TV stand I liked that would fit in the space where we will us it. There was a full length mirror Olivia liked, but it didn't take up the whole amount & I couldn't find enough stuff to use the remaining $$ up. I didn't want to leave any "money" on the table, but when I saw this lamp I knew I must have it. It was over what was left, but only by 39.99.

When I was checking out for the "redemption" portion of my purchase, I said something to the lady about how hard it was to spend that money. She said there are people who spend $10,000 and spend a whole day walking around the store to spend the other $10,000. Can you even imagine?

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carolynn said...

So fun to spend that "free" money!