Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Doctor Visit

Just got home from my doctor appointment a little while ago. All the numbers on the bloodwork are good. Cholesterol is excellent (her words once again). Total cholestorol 165, HDL 65 LDL 70. I don't recall triglycerides, but know they were under the 100 that is optimal.

The cough that is lingering is now being treated as acid reflux and asthma. If it doesn't clear up in two weeks, I have to go in for an asthma test and possibly a CAT Scan.

I mentioned the fainting to her. She knows of my fainting history (and that it urns in the family). It hasn't happened in years and will most likely be years before it happens again. She asked a few questions and made note of what I said. If it becomes more frequent, I am to call her and we'll address it then.

Then for my main concern -- the high blood pressure I had at my last visit about six weeks ago! No high BP this time -- 114/82.

So as long as I can kick this cough, I'm set for awhile.

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