Wednesday, August 05, 2009

I'm Going to Say It

I don't use my blog for venting very often. I would rather talk about happy things and good times, but there are times when things that are heavy on my heart must be shared. This is one of those times...

We've known for months that Bob's parents were coming this month. (They live in Arizona, and we have not seen them in TWO years!!) We had been asking them the exact dates for months so we could plan accordingly and Bob take some time off and/or not schedule things for when they are in town. They said don't worry about it; we'll work visits in around your schedule.

Then when he talked to them in late July his dad finally told them when they were going to be here, but had the whole three weeks planned out except for three days. They flew into MKE yesterday and left this morning for Bob's brother's (about an hour north of us) because he has a week of vacation. A couple other overnight stops to see friends. Then they are back in MKE from 15th until they leave. However, the only days they are "free" to do anything with us are the 15, 16 & 17. Well, the 15th is our anniversary, and we already made plans to stay at at downtown hotel. We are not changing our plans. Bob has a case going to trial soon and couldn't hold off on scheduling depositions any longer & as luck would have it, one of those depositions is scheduled for the 17th.

When Bob spoke to them on Monday, he said he would just work a half day Tues so we could see them before they head up by his brother today. They didn't give us the time the flight came in, but a flight number that turned out to be incorrect (or a lie). I checked the arrivals & there were four flights through out the day that could have been theirs. We didn't hear from them until 8:40 last night -- AFTER they were at their hotel. Turns out SIL & the kids met them & the airport and they went out to dinner. The SIL & kids they will be seeing for the next seven days.

When Bob talked to his Dad, his dad wanted to know which of those days they told us before was going to work for us. Bob was very non-committal, and he could tell his dad was getting angry because he wouldn't just pick one. Bob wanted to confront him about the whole thing then, but said he was too angry & would have said something he regretted. He's better about that kind of thing that I!

My in-laws are frustrating! I am tired of trying to justify their actions and making excuses for the differences in the ways they treat their sons! It's always been clear they have a favorite!!

I've read, re-read, and counted to ten twice. I still feel the need to pubish so here it goes out into cyberspace where I can never take it back. ;)


carolynn said...

And you don't need to take it back. It is what it is, and you called it as you saw it.
It is clear to me that there is definitely a problem here. You two have been more than gracious, and attempted to work with them.
I agree. Do NOT change your anniversary plans. When Bob married you, he made a family that took priority over his parents....beside the fact they surely haven't made HIM feel equal to his sibling!

Penny said...

I don't want to take it back, but you know how sometimes you second guess what you thought was a good idea one moment. I wanted to be sure I really thought about putting this out there. I did. And, I feel better!

carolynn said...

Always good to pause before you hit "send" LOL