Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Little More Rock

Added another pile of stone to our driveway this afternoon! This time it is fieldstone! You may have noticed in pictures around here that we have an area near the middle of our front yard with three spirea, a maple tree, and two lilac bushes. This area is kind of kidney shaped & mulched. The mulch often ends up in the grass since the only thing keeping it in is black edging which is really intended to keep the grass from growing into an area. So, I decided to add a fieldstone around it to hold the mulch in that area and keep it from going through the lawnmower into the neighbor's house or car. Not that I have done that before...hehe...okay maybe once, but there was no damage.

1 comment:

carolynn said...

love fieldstone! (and yeah, I'm doing catch up reading from being away...and STILL not settled back in yet!)