Monday, June 22, 2009

I Don't Like

Boomer came home Saturday morning, and for ten days, we must keep him calm, from going upstairs, and take him outside on a leash. This dog is impossible to keep calm so he has sedatives to take for most of the ten day "calm time".

We didn't want to put a gate on the stairs for 10 days so his VERY large crate was at the bottom of the stairs. The only problem was every time we wanted to go up or down we had to move the very large cage and move it back. This got old very quickly. I moved it to the hallway still blocks the stairs from boomer (and us), but it isn't right at the bottom of the stairs. Instead of moving the cage use the front door for access to upstairs & the garage door or access to the main floor. Yes, we have to go out of our house to go from one floor to another...LOL!! And I DON'T LIKE!

Only 8 more days until I can go from one floor to the other in my house like a normal person.

1 comment:

carolynn said...

Those large crates are really large, too! Bailey has that size now.
TOO funny that you leave your house to go upstairs!