Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Here We Go Again

Over the weekend Boomer started licking that spot on his leg -- AGAIN! His system must have adjusted to the meds. So it was back to the vet today. However, this time it is not just for that. Monday afternoon I noticed a few drops of blood here & there on the floor. I knew they were from Boomer, but thought it was from the spot on his leg. Turns out it was not -- this morning when I took him out potty I could tell there was blood in his urine. The vet could tell either his bladder or prostate were enlarged when she felt. An x-rays followed by an ultrasound confirmed it is his prostate. They believe he has BPH -- yep, un-neutered male dogs can get it too. Who knew? So Friday he will be neutered.

Bob can explain why Boomer wasn't already neutered...LOL! I don't lose many battles in the house, but that is one I lost. :D Now Bob is freaking out because "his boy" has to have surgery. GRR -- we should have done this in the first place! Can I say I told you so? LOL!!

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carolynn said...

Hey Bob, Penny told ya so....