Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Playing in Dirt

I spent much of the weekend out in our yard! Saturday was spent purchasing plants to replace the overgrown ugly "ground cover" that had taken over the area in front of the house.

Those overgrown monstrosities were pulled out Sunday with the help of a wonderful neighbor (Thank you again, Jay!). The planting that day was short lived as we had plans to meet friends for dinner, but I did get a good start. I transplanted a couple meadow sage that had been near the stuff we got rid of and also planted three other plants.

Monday morning I was back to planting by mid-morning & it didn't finish until about 7PM. In all, I planted or transplanted nearly 40 plants. In the area I planted most of these plants there is that cloth that prevents weed growth. UGH -- that stuff is nice, but it is a pain when it comes to planting!



I am really happy with the way it turned out! Now I am itching to do more planting!

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carolynn said...

gives me the gardening fever!