Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Back to Normal & a B

Today was run errands with grandma day! Last time we were out was about three weeks ago. It was nice to see her again. Before our trip I was spending all my spare time working on my semester project for view camera class. That class really kicked my behind. It was a lot of work. The quizzes and tests were TOUGH! This morning before going to pick up grandma, I stopped by school to pick up the photos I dropped off before our trip. I got a B+ on my project & a B for the class. I am VERY happy with that considering there were photo majors who got lower grades and needed the final exam curved to pass the class. :O

Next up will be Introduction to Digital Photography. It's a two hour lecture only class. There will be no photography assignments. I will miss those, but am interested in learning more about the technical aspects of digital.

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carolynn said...

Awesome grade Pen!