Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Poor Boomer the Sequel!

You probably remember my post about the sore on Boomer's leg. Well, it never healed completely. It was doing really, really well, but we could not take the "lampshade" off for more than 30 seconds without him starting to lick at it again. He ended up cracking the "lampshade" from the vet when he hit it on something after coming in from outside on a very cold day. I picked up a replacement at a pet supply chain & it just didn't work as well as the one from the vet. He figured out how to move it so he could reach that spot on his leg. We obviously can't watch him 24 hours day, but did the best we could when we were home to keep him distracted from that spot. It was starting to get raw again so I called the vet immediately.

We saw the vet today. He is back on the antibiotic and ointment, has a new "lampshade", AND will be going on an antidepressant drug. What he has is called a lick granuloma. There is NOTHING physically wrong aside from the infection he has cause from the constant licking. Some dogs respond well to being on this sort of drug for stopping this problem. He has has always been an anxious, nervous dog so I am hopeful that this will help him with more than the lick granuloma. :)

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carolynn said...

Ah, poor Boomer! I hope he is feeling better soon!