Friday, February 13, 2009

Under the Cover of Darkness...

Today was our first time in the darkroom for developing! We developed one of the shots we took last week (that's one of the advantages of sheet film -- you can process one at a time instead of the whole roll). Wow, was it strange to be in complete darkness like that. The only light was the "glowing" of the numbers on the dial of the time. We looked at them so long they began to look like blobs instead of!!

After 8 minutes in the developer, one minute in water, and three minutes in fixer, we are able to turn on the light to inspect our photos. WOW -- that was cool!!

I didn't get to inspect closely, but other than one tiny spot at the top corner I think the negative is good. I suspect, however, that this spot is from someone who wasn't careful at the drying cabinet. She knocked one of the rods down while film was in there drying which may have splashed the photos in the cabinet & caused it. I do not recall seeing that spot when I hung it in the cabinet. This is an ungraded "practice" assignment so we want to get our goof up out here.

Next week we will be printing! Woohoo!

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carolynn said...

It all sounds fascinating!