Sunday, December 14, 2008

To Dos Turn to Ta Das

Yesterday was a pretty productive day!

Saturday's To Dos
pick up truck CHECK
take Olivia to bank CHECK
take Olivia to work CHECK
ship packages CHECK
drop off dry cleaning CHECK
buy slide film CHECK
meet friend for quick lunch CHECK
pick Olivia up from work CHECK
shoot at least three rolls of film of Olivia for semester project (weather did not cooperate!)
go shopping with Olivia (Olivia did not -- teen attitudes have to have consequences, right?)
go to dinner with Olivia CHECK
go to see TWILIGHT with Olivia (see shopping)

I'm such a mean mom! :)


Diane said...

Not a mean mom. Just a mother that loves her daughter. LOL

Anonymous said...

Busy, fun and frustrating (the teen shopping thing - my daughter can push my buttons on that subject faster than you can say arg!). How did you like Twilight?

carolynn said...

Good mom, lol.

The thing I like best about lists? Having them checked off!

Penny said...

I knew you ladies would understand. :)

Sue...we skipped Twilight because of Olivia's little teen attitude! :D Said attitude was adjusted pretty quickly, but I wasn't giving!