Friday, December 26, 2008

A BIG Surprise

Since we have done more than our part to try to boost the economy in the last six to eight weeks, Bob & I we would not exchange gifts. The computer was our gift to each other -- at least it was supposed to be. I did get him a movie (Get Smart) & the traditional Christmas Eve pajamas. That little stinker surprised me with this...

I spotted this one a couple months ago in the Coach case at a department store and fell in love with it. While out finishing up our shopping last week I spotted it on a table that was 30% off. I mentioned it to him, and forgot about it until I opened it Christmas Eve. He got an excellent deal thanks to that sale at & opening an charge account! It ended up being nearly 50% off retail! Woohoo!!

Now I am in the market for a new wallet. Hope to find one with that awesome bronze leather on part of it!


carolynn said...

That is a PERFECT bag for you!

Penny said...

I've been using it a week now & I absolutely love it! Roomy enough, but not too big. Definitely an improvement over my old purses!