Monday, November 10, 2008

Corpse Flower

Shortly after the election, the hype in the area turned from politics and to the butterfly garden at Milwaukee Public Museum. In 2002 a Titan Arum was planted, and it was expected to bloom any day. A Titan Arum is also known as the Corpse Flower for the rotting flesh smell given off when the plant blooms.

Saturday evening brought news of the plant collapsing and most had given up hope that it would bloom. However, it did today & you can see it here live. Thankfully, they don't have it hooked up to smell cam...LOL!! I don't know that the refresh is necessary anymore, but before it bloomed the plant grew at a rate of an inch an hour.

There is another Titan Arum in the butterfly garden that could bloom next year. See we aren't all about beer & the bronze Fonz...ROFL!!

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carolynn said...

I have only read about this plant, never seen a pic! Wow!