Monday, October 20, 2008

A Different Thanksgiving

Bob & I are seriously considering changing up our Thanksgiving traditions this year. We are thinking of serving a meal at a nearby homeless shelter. I love my family and all, but I think it is time for Bob, Olivia, & I to make traditions of our own.

When I mentioned it to Olivia she said I would rather go to grandma's. Well, of course, she would. However, I told her these people would rather not be homeless. She got my point & has come around to the idea.

I think this will be a great thing for us to do as a family!


keeper of the chocolates said...

penny this is such a wonderful way to spend the day. we too have wanted to do this. you know, i think that they have some of these shelters set up for you to come and serve in the earlier part of the day, and that way you can still be with your loved ones and extended family celebrating together. i love thanksgiving. it is my favorite holiday ever. just the beauty of the symbolism there....

so good to be keeping in touch through our blogs! btw, just today:

shelf: $132
oop: $72
savings: $60!!

Penny said...

Thanks Shelbi! A small part of the reason we want to do this is to start a "just the three of us tradition". We will celebrate with family just other days. I think that will make it the best of both worlds. We'll see family & not have to worry about running from one set of parents to another or hurting feelings of one because we didn't make it to their house, and we'll be giving to people who are in need.

It is great to keep in touch via our blogs. I miss you on TT (don't go to the GG boards very often)!

GREAT savings today!! :)

carolynn said...

I think it's a wonderful decision. And Olivia is certainly at that very impressionable age.

Sue said...

My hub and kids did that a few times at our Thanksgiving for the homeless at our church. It was very rewarding. I stayed home and roasted the turkey so we had the best of both. Good luck, have fun and know that you are doing a very kind thing.