Friday, September 26, 2008

Fun Baseball Weekend in Milwaukee

The Milwaukee Brewers are in the playoff hunt for their first post-season appearance since the 1982. They open a three-game series at home against the Chicago Cubs tonight. The Brewers are tied with the New York Mets in the National League Wild Card standings.

Hopefully, by this time on Sunday we will know that the Brewer's have secured their spot. However, with the rain on the East Coast there could be several games that would impact the Wild Card standings that could be postponed due to weather. Let's hope they are able to get the games in and that the Mets lose one more game than the Brewers.


carolynn said...

you know what I'M thinking about... lol

Penny said...

Let me guess...

A. Bratwurst
B. Italian Sausage
C. Polish Sausage
D. Hot Dog
E. Chorizo
F. All of the Above Running in a Race


carolynn said...


You're so smart! LOLOLOL